India Projects

In late October 2012 Louise Rippert and William Eicholtz travelled from their Melbourne studio to Varanasi, India for an intensive 16 day project to explore new connections between their artwork and Indian culture.

Louise Rippert has had a long connection to Indian symbols in her own artwork, a deep interest in the culture and has travelled extensively through all parts of India. This project is the first time she has made artwork in India and her site specific works stretched her resourcefulness. She embarked on this project with her personal archive of mandala images and high expectations that connections could be made on a street level with locals and pilgrims visiting the holy city.

Click here for the Lights Across The Sea PDF (~2mB)

Click here to watch the Lights Across the Sea film

From the first day Louise began the exploration of possibilities for her work. Noticing that the heritage walls of the Ghats were quickly being tagged by visiting international artists her reaction was to take her ideas to a more intimate street level, where local interaction and involvement from those who lived and worked beyond the walls would become part of the works “making”.